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It's legit. Got to 665 on the succubus. Takes about two hours. I tried to upload the photo as proof but itch wouldnt cooperate. Neat sequel. Will look forward to how much improved the third will be.


Holy shit I didn't think anybody would actually do that

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In all honesty i did it thinking it would break the game. Alas counting the bot, Brandon sires 793 children (if my math is right) in this sequel. I'm also extremely bored. I'm stuck at home with some broken bones, so putting her through her "paces" felt almost obligatory considering the game is free. Honestly looking forward to the third keep up the great work.

TBH, I really did like the succubus sex scene, but it got really tiresome after awhile.  I also enjoyed all the others, but a few are my favorites.  The porn star one is one of them.  Is it possible to put in a skip feature where you can just skip to whatever number you want to finish at?   Maybe even just put in a auto play feature and let him go at her on auto pilot for a bit.  It's kinda starting to make my fingers a bit sore from all the button pressing. ( I hope I don't get arthritis from that :P)


We will never speak of this...


great game, great art, 8/10. text is super small but you get used to it eventually. would be better with animations but whatever... also the overarching plot of the story is well written and decently funny at times. can be pretty repetetive if you are trying to absolutely 100% the game but really there isnt any major difference if you dont; its more for your own satisfaction rather than any story difference. if breeding is your fetish, this game is definitely one of the best games out there. if you take into account games that are actually finished, this and the first installment are easily top 5.

there is a commenter below here that basically says "hurr durr there are tr@nnies in this game hurr durrr i cant deal with that" but that misrepresents the game. one character was born male and is now genetically female (aka no dick and all the female parts) due to space magic science. if thats your biggest issue with a game about a deadbeat dad impregnating women and leaving while hired by a possibly corrupt and powerful shadow organization that's mission statement is making women want to become "breedsl#ts" than grow up dude. she is even in the sample images to the right but i bet you wouldn't know which one if they didnt tell you.


Anyone who want to play it on android, use JoiPlay, it will be a little bit laggy BUT you will be able to play without problems

Hi, I cant find the guide in the downloads, also still trying to figure out what to do in Room 13 lol, 

The Guide PDF is right next to where you download the game on Itch.

Quick question: As Brandon, we answer personal questions about our character, so are there "canon" answers?

I suppose that's up to the player to decide!


I'm hooked on this series, is there a third game being made?


There will be a third! (Hopefully before the end of 2023)



Why did you have to do my girl Naoki like this. I felt bad enough with the summary in the last game and now THIS aauuugh ;-; love the game tho.

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Looks good, specially the art, but Id like to know if consider to make an android version. Good work👍🏼

Fr I can’t play this game until it is or if it’s online but it being locked to windows is kinda cringe


Try Joiplay


Is there any way to be able to read the texts correctly?

they are too small and i don't see them


I dont even play this game for the breeding aspect, its extremly entertaining and i love it! keep up the good work

Joiplay를 통해 모바일로 놀고 있는데, 공간을 포함한 "TAKANO DECLINES"를 어떻게 타이핑해야 할지 모르겠어요.


This game is so good! Your artstyle is awesome. I was wondering if the main character telling about his family would be some hint for possible other games? As a bisexual man, I would enjoy playing with his gay brother.

seriously, how do we get the peppy girl's secret idol ending, i can't seem to figure it out and its killing me!

If it makes you feel better, Amber’s secret ending is pretty underwhelming compared to her normal one (it involves skipping her sex scene)


Thank you so much for including a transgender woman, it made me happy as a transgender woman with a strong pregnancy kink.


Breed town 3 when? (If you're making it.)


I'd like to make it eventually, but I want the overall quality to be higher, as well as being at least partially animated, so it'll probably be a while.


I see, thank you for telling me!


Why does the MC's skin color matter to so many (2) people?

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How do you enter the porn building? They it seems I need a reason to enter but there are no choices. They kick me out immediately.


get a flier from one the stores in the alleys


This game series keeps getting better. Thanks for making the mc black, btw.


Played the game its great. Is that end credit a tease for a breedtown 3?


Let's hope.

Can make sex scenes of moving characters, it will be better。

How do i get the bartender?

How do I get Preppy Girl's secret idol ending? It was listed in the guide, but there are no clues towards getting it.

It's a secret 😏

at least give us a hint, plz TwT


I'm pretty convinced it has something to do with gangbanging the idol while Preppy is at the dance floor. Get permission to see Takano, she'll tell you to go breed the idol, but then you start Preppy's quest, and do it all until she gets to the dance floor, then breed the idol before her eyes. I didn't tried it, but that's my wild guess.

Where is the receptionist. Do i have do something first to trigger her?


For Mobile you could just make the text box and text resizable and point people towards JoiPlay (The Rpgm app) I tested it earlier but the text is much much too small for on the phone. The game itself might benefit from it anyway!


JoiPlay is good, but unfortunately RPG Maker MZ doesn't allow for easily resizable text. The only way I can make the text bigger is if I completely rewrite and reformat all of the text in the game 😞

I do apologize, but I would much rather just keep this issue in mind for my next game and make the text bigger then.


Such a fun game.  Loved BreedTown and I was so happy to see this sequel pop up.


casino boss is bd1's vinny, i don't think so, vinny in bd1 give much more than casino boss

He's become a much stingier person since we last met him 😔

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I try my best to explore the game, write walkthrough for some difficult part of game

find large amount money a beer give casino boss, he will ask you for joke content, you can get the answer "TAKANO DECLINES" from the behind sign near the green temple

2.enter the basement to trigger Floozy event, then trigger Gyaru Bimbo event(it's easy so skip), next rent a room and talk to reception trigger sweet slut, back to basement lobby to gain asshole's key and enter room 9 get gun, go to the easternmost of beach talk to npc get medkit, go to clinic talk right npc get treasure map and find money and treasure in beach

3.deliver document to three office, first two is easy, the third is below easternmost building in aside alley(you can enter by go east behind clock tower in east corner), the office show no door, you just walk down to enter it

4.smack ATM in west corner the northeast npc in casino

some characters

1.find peppy girl in the westernmost dock, then follow it(it easy so skip),enter the building in back alley answer "I SCREAM" by give wine to npc in west corner

2.trigger find doll from the crimson place, you can enter baker's house by go up between the westernmost building in west block and Duck Donaid's, then go west to the behind of baker's house, you can enter her house by use crowbar

3.bring bitch into nightclub by enter abandoned house in easternmost of matherdock

Spell book to summon demon in room 13, you must buy 2 wines so pub boss give you special wine, find treasure in beach, find bloody rope in empty house (westernmost building on east block)


I've added a guide PDF to the downloads as well!

can we please get a walktrough?

Deleted 199 days ago

Added a guide PDF to the downloads.

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how to i get the baker and the cop?

baker you need to go harass the oriental building till an investigation comes up for the lost doll go to the baker and ask her, then go around back with the crowbar.

Cop do Natasha's other work in the labs 


Just a heads up for my str8 bros, but this game has trannies in it so don't play unless you are into that shit.


So, any chance by the time we get a 3rd installment Naoki actually gets a good ending?

A happy ending for her would involve NOT being in a third game.



is there a Mac version?

It's really difficult to find out the answer of casino boss, are you happy to enter the building and the third building to diliver document


for the happy building I'd suggest taking the wine to the guy in the corner by the convenience store.


I've added a guide PDF to the downloads.

I can't find anymore  money, I won the 100$ bet, and it didn't give me any money, just gave me sex

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"Haha funny sexy porno game"
>Enters the game's general store
"why must you hurt us like this"

Real talk tho for a free game it's got a real lot of thought put into the writing and events.

Thank you!!! 😊


I was wondering, if you make a trilogy, can you add a text uniform? Or something so that the text can be read if it has the same color with the background? And I'm curious, why is the display is very small?


I made the text smaller just so I would have more flexibility in writing and formatting dialogue. TBH I didn't realize how bad the readability was in places until publishing the game.

Next game I'll absolutely format the text differently. Sorry that it's hard to read in some scenes!


no problem, thank you for the game, it's awesome 

Please add the option to text skip next time.


BT1 was a godsend, BT2 is the 2nd cumming, I can't wait for the 3rd!!!


where is the sanguine room that i need for the spellbook

and where is the 3rd office to unload the documents?

where is the third office i looked everywhere and cant find it

I'm working on a guide right now

Nice.  I'm only missing one girl due to not having money.  That and I'm not sure if there is more to the summoning I'm missing.

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